Books Now Available

The paperback versions of two books architect Aaron Anderson is involved with are now available for sale on this website (see ‘Books’ tab on left of page). The first book is Aaron’s personal account of the opening of his lower five chakras. The second book is an in-depth analysis of how the Christian Bible teaches the advanced meditator how to open their top two chakras.

Both books are also available on Amazon in paperback or e-book formats at the following links:

American Kundalini by Aaron Anderson

Tempest in the Cloud by Kim Andrews / Aaron Anderson Publisher

American Kundalini


Check out our interview with photographer Ian Patzke. The topic of conversation centered on design responses during the pandemic and the role spirituality has in architecture.

Click here: Interview


Home of the Year 2019

As the winner of San Diego Home + Garden’s 2018 Home of the Year, architect Aaron Anderson had the pleasure of picking the 2019 Home of the Year. Congratulations to architect Dominique Houriet on his beautifully designed home!

Client Quote – Mission Hills Residence

“My home is a temple: a place of calm and serenity. The kitchen is the center of everything creative; a very energetic working space, but not a space of calm. With the help of our talented architect Aaron Anderson, nearly every square inch of our Mission Hills Craftsman home has been renovated and melded into a contemporary zen space.” –Our residential remodel for Chef Karen Krasne was the topic of an interview entitled Live Inspired that appeared recently in a local San Diego magazine.

Chef Karen Krasne and her lovely team preparing for an event at her Mission Hills home.

Home of the Year- SDH+G

Images from our photoshoot for San Diego Home + Garden’s Home of the Year issue published in February 2019.

Pine Needles Residence Exterior by Studio Anderson Architects, San Diego, CA
Cantilevered Stair at our Pine Needles Residence in Del Mar, CA
Pine Needles Residence Master Bedroom with stainless steel headboard and bed frame — Del Mar / San Diego, CA
A modern all-white kitchen with steel and gray glass accents at our Pine Needles Residence — San Diego, CA

Highland Valley Ranch

Preliminary conceptual images for our Highland Valley Ranch project located in San Diego’s back country close to the famous Potato Chip Rock hiking area. When completed the project will be a family getaway, AirBNB, and yoga retreat.

Architect Aaron Anderson’s concept for a structure at Highland Valley Ranch
Highland Valley Ranch Conceptual Rendering – Studio Anderson Architects
A nearly all glass pavilion for family events and gatherings located in a stunning boulder strewn valley.
The proposed interior for the pavilion structure – Studio Anderson Architects

Pine Needles Residence – 2018 Home of the Year

Our recently completed Pine Needles Residence in Del Mar California won Home of the Year – Architecture 2018 by San Diego Home + Garden.

Image Credit: Zack Benson

Pine Needles Residence

Here are some interior renderings of our project in Del Mar. The project, while technically a remodel, will be a completely new house when finished. The existing house was gutted, reconfigured, added onto, and will be reimagined from top to

studio-anderson-architects-all-white-kitchen studio-anderson-architects-steel-cubbie

Mission Hills Residence

Our residential renovation was published in June in San Diego Magazine. Follow this link for the full story.

The kitchen was featured again in August in San Diego Magazine’s Best of San Diego Home Design 2015.

aaron anderson -krasne-home-dining

Photo Credit: Robert Benson

Un Mundo Mexican Restaurant

Geometric graphic ceiling panels being installed at our new restaurant project: Un Mundo Mexican Grill in La Jolla, CA.

Un Mundo Ceiling Installation 2













Un Mundo Ceiling Installation